Mobile hydrogen monitoring unit
with power cut-off device

SL TecH2 GmbH has added another special construction to its product range after a mobile leak test system for production processes, including electronic component scanning and documentation storage.


A mobile hydrogen monitoring unit including a power cut-off device, type MWS-01, short designation "H2 control cabinet", was designed for a customer from the automotive industry and supports them whilst testing and workshop activities.


The H2 control cabinet is freely configurable with all common input and output voltages.

Also freely selectable is the number of explosion-proof H2 measuring points, which are freely positionable within the Ex zones with a cable length of up to 20m.


When the set alarm thresholds are exceeded, an audible and visual alarm is activated. The output voltage is switched off, the supply of the H2 measuring points is retained.

An outdoor variant for the temperature range from -25 ° C to + 40 ° C completes the offer.